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Our mission is educating, equipping and empowering our clients in our three focus areas: nationally accredited training programs for first responders, offshore and austere environment medicine, and tactical firearms training. Our instructor team consists of Special Forces veterans and subject matter experts whose unique and specialized skills present clients with cutting edge and realistic hands-on learning. The knowledge, skill and diversity of our training perspective is the foundation on which D-Dey has built a unique methodology that enables our students to learn and respond to situations in the real world. With maximum hands-on learning, students can expect a dynamic learning environment that will grow, empower and build the confidence to be helpful and prepared.

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Offshore Training

D-Dey Offshore brings the most relevant and engaging emergency medical training available to boat owners, families, captains and their crews to respond to medical emergencies in any landscape. Training includes:

Response Group Training

D-DEY Response Group is a training and equipment company that teaches certified life-safety courses to LEO, Military Units, First Responders, and government agencies. We are a registered training site for the NAEMT and have the capability to train whole departments and issue national certifications and CEUs. Courses include:

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Tactical Training

D-Dey Tactical Training and Firearms focuses on teaching firearm fundamentals to a broad range of customers at every experience level. Built upon a foundation garnered from the US Army Special Forces, our program offers specialized instruction, designed to grow our students’ skills and confidence. The following private and small group courses offered are: Handgun Fundamentals, Conceal with Confidence, Carbine Fundamentals, & 2 Gun Rifle & Pistol 

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